Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is certainly the buzz word today, even though the concept was well introduced before a decade or so. It is great service through which Cloud Premises offers and manages a company’s Microsoft Exchange email and calendaring server in the cloud.

Why Hosted Exchange?

In view of the multiple costs associated with hosting an internal exchange, which include the related hardware, upkeep, periodic servicing and backup, hosted exchanges are the best solutions proving ideal for small businesses. In short, they fit the budget and don’t eat up a lot of physical space. Hosted exchange actually benefits businesses of any size as it cuts costs to a large extent and enables smoother and faster delivery of email, improves storage space, and aids the business in many ways. Hosted exchange can also help businesses to keep away from the unnecessary purchase of servers and licenses, and the related perils.

Benefits of Hosted Exchange:

There are certain companies which may consider it to be unsafe or even illegal to host their private information on an external server. But as per the recent studies, cloud-based hosting is considered as a more secure way of storing and posting data than the physical servers. Apart from the monetary benefits, there are a host of other benefits associated with hosted exchanges. The hosted exchange provider takes care of the entire system right from the implementation of the necessary software, the periodic upgrades, and all the related maintenance of the system. They offer selective access to the users and offer excellent technical support which is available round the clock.