Cloud Servers

Cloud is the word that we get to hear everywhere nowadays when we talk about saving the data in a secure and easy way – be it your smart phones or the computers at your office. So what happens while choosing cloud hosting?

Cloud Servers by Cloud Premises

Following are the benefits of opting for the cloud servers from Cloud Premises:

  • Flexibility: You can anytime access the extra resource. This is principally helpful for the customers who have seasonal revenues.
  • Pocket Friendliness: Whatever be the size of the balance sheet, all the companies are bothered about costs. Through our customized and flexible services, you can opt for only what you need.
  • Dependability: Cloud servers are always more dependable than the conventional and physical servers.

Go Pro for 24 Hour Service

Clients are basically renting virtual server space from the “cloud” instead of renting or buying physical servers. There are various options such as payment on per hour basis, or flat rate. It largely depends on the volume required at a specific time. Cloud servers are always considered better than the physical servers and the reason remains the same – the cost of setting up of hardware and consumption of space by the physical hardware. Customers get the benefit of cost-effectiveness as well as flexibility, as the resource can be topped up or brought down according to the requirement of space.